What We Do For You

WeFund offers a full range of CPACE financing services nationally. We partner with our clients to develop customized building efficiency solutions to maximize the value of your building.


Project Development

Innovative Turnkey Solution

WeFund brings the tools and expertise to develop customized building efficiency projects to meet your goals, improve the efficiency of your building and meet CPACE program documentation requirements.

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CPACE Program Compliance

No paperwork.  No delays.  No suprises.

We handle the paper work and manage the process from application to final approval.   Our knowledge and experience with CPACE Programs, ensures that your project will meet the requirements of the CPACE program so there are no surprises or delays all while maximizing value.


Maximize return and property value.

WeFund acts as a fiduciary representing our clients best interest.  At WeFund, we combine our insights into the private equity market and knowledge of commercial real estate finance, to secure the best CPACE financing terms for our clients.

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